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CQRS + Event Sourcing – Step by Step
A common issue I see is understanding the flow of commands, events and queries within a typical CQRS ES based[...]
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EventStorming – What You Need to Know
The real power of eventstorming is how it focuses on outcomes, not activities. Why is this powerful? It gives you[...]
How To Validate Commands in a CQRS Application
Any of these sound familiar? Rubbish in rubbish out. Never trust user input. If you’ve ever built any sort of[...]
The LiveScribe 3 Smartpen [Product Review]
  The pen is mightier than the sword. Or so they say. However, this smart LiveScribe 3 pen may just[...]
Why C# Private Variables are Not as Private as you Thought
C# private fields are not accessible outside the class. It’s C# 101 right? Which means this code should not work...[...]
Is a CQRS Command = to a GoF Command?
Oh the irony. The DDD community advocates for unambiguous language. And yet even our own terms are heavily overloaded. Whether[...]

Thanks for the great articles, all the right subjects and the right level of abstraction :)


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It is hard to find people who are pushing through this stuff on their own, so I am looking forward to new discoveries you might make.


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