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Aggregate Root - How to Build One for CQRS and Event Sourcing

The Aggregate Root and How To Build One

This is a practical example and tutorial on building aggregate roots for use in an event sourced context. Read More...

Are You Making Any Of These 10 Domain-Driven Design Mistakes?

In this infographic you discover many of the common mistakes we make when trying to 'do domain-driven design'. I know, I've made most of them :) Read More...

cqrs event sourcing architecture

CQRS & Event Sourced Application Architecture

Sometimes all you need is a map to see where everything fits together. This post is designed to just that in a step-by-step approach. Read More...

Handling Concurrency Conflicts

Handling Concurrency Conflicts in a CQRS and Event Sourced System

A major advantage of event sourcing is the ability to have a much finer control of the way your optimistic concurrency works. In this article I explore a way to programmatically test if a conflict has actually occurred. Read More..

6 Code Smells with Your CQRS Events

Here are 6 common 'smells' to watch out for when designing your CQRS events. Stick to these rules of thumb and avoid a painful refactor later on. Read More...

How To Validate Your Commands In a CQRS Application

Validation is a solved problem, right? Yes and no. When it comes to a CQRS application what is validation logic and what is domain logic and where should it be done. Find out in this article. Read More...