* Attention Java developers/architects/managers *

AxonIQ are giving away 10 FREE places on a premium advanced CQRS course: "Designing Complex Processes with Axon" (normally €50)

It's been awhile but I've finally got something I can give to the community! 

AxonIQ deliver software tools and services designed specifically for teams developing Java based CQRS and ES solutions. They also deliver high-end training.

They have kindly agreed to give away ten of their Java flavoured courses to ten of you lucky people! Just complete the form below to enter.

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Learn how to implement and control long lasting processes

The goal of this course is to provide you with the essential knowledge required to develop software systems consisting of multiple applications  that need to share state and/or a business process.

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What is Bounded Context, and how Axon Framework and Axon Server support multiple contexts
  • What is Saga, when do you need one, how to start it, interact with it, and how and when to end it
  • What is Deadline, how to schedule one, and what will happen once it is triggered
  • How to test AggregatesSagas, and Deadlines